Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Oxvor aims to be the top digital marketing agency in Dubai. We will treat your brand as our own and take care of everything you need to stand out from your competitors. Our services include:

Market and consumer insights: Know your customer. You should understand who you are speaking to and what your target audience expects from you. Oxvor starts by understanding your market and the customer. This is the first step in building your unique business strategy- everything decision you take will depend on how you interpret the market and how you well you understand your intended customers.

SEO: Search engine optimization is crucial for internet marketing. If you want to reach out to more people, you must be visible online. For that, your website must feature at the top of search result. Oxvor will help you optimize your website content and orient it better towards keyword searches, so that it features on the top of Google search results. This will help you increase traffic to your website, get more organic hits, and beat out the competition in local listings.

Cleaning up your website: Have you been duped by a cheap agency and fraudulent agency that promised your miracles? Do you feature plagiarized, unclean or irrelevant content? Buried under a pile of spam? Have a Google penalty? Google will shut down your website will shut down slowly until you clean it up and adopt ethical means to market your brand. We can help you make you start with a clean slate.

Lead driving content: Fuel your SEO processes, generate more leads and drive more organic traffic to your website on the basis of your content. With our SEO tools, we optimize your website such that your content is relevant, clean and attractive. We also create ample content that reflects the dynamic nature of your brand.

Increasing conversion rates: The better the website optimization, the more traffic are you likely to get. The more the number of viewers, more are the chances of them buying. We take a holistic approach that ensures that your customer has a unique and pleasant experience with your website. Oxvor can help you convert more traffic to revenue through pay-per-click methods.

Web analytics: Why stop at data collection? A sea of numbers and information is useless unless you can make sense of it. Oxvor can help you understand your priorities and strengths, and take steps to make you even better.

Mobile app development: Studies show that more people now surf the internet via their smartphones and tablets than ever before. If you do not have a good mobile app, you will lose customers.

Oxvor creates neat, user friendly apps that increases your reach in the digital world. Reach out to more customers, and do more targeted marketing. Take your message directly to them, and see an increase in your conversion rates.

Mobile marketing: Every website must be optimized for mobile users. Oxvor We offers the best mobile marketing strategy to help you dominate the small screen. Beat out your competitors by not missing out on the mobile customers.

Comprehensive social media marketing: Social media marketing is crucial to building up your brand online. At Oxvor, we help our clients become more visible in social media. Studies show that people are likely to talk about any product or service they used among their circle of influence. We make sure that you engage with your customer productively on social media, and create the right buzz . We conduct campaigns across digital platforms and our methods are safe, ethical, and effective.

Build up your brand equity: In Oxvor we treat your brand as our own, and take care to build up your brand name in the best possible way. Our marketing strategy is a holistic one, and we make sure each aspect of your digital presence is taken care of. We will work closely with you to enhance your brand equity, so that you enjoy a good reputation online.

Protecting your reputation: Merely building up a reputation is not good enough- the key is to maintain that reputation. Oxvor makes sure your brand reputation improves with positive feedback and that it remains relevant.

Unique web designs: At the root of all this is a good website. If you have an easy to explore, aesthetically pleasing website- half your job is done. A user-friendly website is pivotal to providing god customer experience. We create unique websites with interesting and clean content. Our team of dedicated designers makes sure your website is relevant to the customer’s needs.

Procurement Services: Procurement is the backbone of any business. Finding the right supplier and the right product could be the difference between success and failure. We at OXVOR use our expertise to simplify the whole procurement process, helping bring down your costs and increase your focus on your core operations, overall procurement quality and compliance. It’s one thing to understand the actual need of you or your organization, but quite another to execute at peak performance.

Accounting services: Quality accounting is essential to any business. At Oxvor, we do everything within our power to guarantee that as a rethinking accomplice, the monetary exchanges and records of the organization are stayed up with the latest and exact data. By utilizing Oxvor’s accounting abilities, we can assist with lessening the expenses of routine administrative or bookkeeping processes, permitting you the time and assets to zero in on developing and fostering the business.

Oxvor aims to become the best ROI-driven digital marketing company in Dubai. Our team has worked with several leading Dubai and international organizations. Our expertise and knowledge of digital marketing traits and trends help us serve you better.

Ans: Want to feature on the first page of Google search results? Aim to increase your conversion rates? Need to create a buzz on social media? Oxvor is your one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. We are a young market branding and digital marketing agency in Silicon Oasis,  Dubai. Here you can find all the services you need at affordable rates and we guarantee that you build up your brand equity ethically.

Ans: Every brand today needs to have an active and dynamic presence online. The internet has enabled us to connect across borders- and this includes customers and service providers. Today, if a customer wants to look for anything or get information on any field, she will go online. According to a study by Cisco, by 2021, Dubai internet traffic is estimated to be 291 times bigger than it was in 2005. Think about how many potential customers you can get if you can be visible online.


Hence, it is imperative that you consider digital marketing for your brand to be a part of your overall growth strategy. A good digital marketing agency should take care of all your digital needs- right from creating content for optimizing your website, generating leads, conducting social media campaigns and creating mobile apps. All this is crucial in building up your brand and growing your influence and reputation for the long term.